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Now, it’s time to check your creative skills – ability to understand the brief, stay on brand with your design, present the BIG idea visually and incorporate copy so it all makes a great AD!
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This task is non-commercial, the brief was made solely to check your skills!
Well-known brand – the world's largest furniture retailer IKEA decided to kick-off delivery for their famous delicious food from IKEA Restaurant.
Introducing IKEA food delivery service, so it instantly resonates with their brand essence to leverage brand’s awareness. The visual has to be explanatory enough, so people understand what it is about.

Advertising placements will lead people to the landing page where they can order food from IKEA Restaurant. Mouthwatering visuals are welcome – let’s make people hungry :)
  • Key Visual for the campaign
  • 1600 pixels wide by 2400 pixels height
  • We expect not more than 3 options (can be just 1 or 2)
  • you can choose any IKEA dish/dishes in your Key Visual
  • Your creative approach
  • Clarity of the key message – it must illustrate food delivery in a certain way
  • Ability to stay within IKEA brand book and resonating with established visual identity
  • Ability to implement typography so it compliments visual elements
  • Keeping proper margins and space
  • IKEA brand book
  • Copy variants to use (you can pick 1 or more if you feel like)
  1. "Make room for meatballs."
  2. "Your favorite food. Now at your Ikea doorstep."
  • Visual inspirations below:
Submit your task via email to karolinam@tribe47.com
You are welcome to describe why exactly you took chosen approach for your Key Visual!
Also, in case you have any questions about the task, do not hesitate to ask via email.
Good luck, creative soul!
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