Evergreen and Launch series:
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Ewa Wysocka
Marya Kallagova
3 HOT Case Studies from Q1 2022
Live Webinar with Q&A Session May 31 st at 15hrs (3pm) CEST
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Tribe47 is a digital agency that helps businesses grow online implementing innovative funnels. We believe there’s
no “one-size fits all” strategy, so understanding the difference between all the funnel types will help you increase your ROI as you will be able to apply exactly what your business needs. This is the second webinar of our Evegreen and Launch Series – where we deep dive into campaign types and show case studies of our clients whom we helped grow and scale in Q1 2022.
Meet our team
Ewa Wysocka
Apart of envisioning and planning Tribe47 growth, Ewa is responsible for creating online funnel strategy frameworks for our clients that are being used to improve and create success.
Marya Kallagowa
Business consultant and Strategist

Mariya creates amazing digital marketing funnels for our clients and later oversees their execution. She delivers strategic workshops, builds and leads project teams, and co-creates company standards and processes in Management Team.
What you will learn:
The controversy around “launch" - or seasonal - and "evergreen” - or all-year - funnels and why you should not listen to what others say.
How to combine different funnel types when launching a new mobile app on the market
How an evergreen strategy used as launch one helped us deliver great results for the online subscription business
What are our key takeaways from working with a leading e-commerce brand
Evergreen and Launch series:
3 HOT case studies from Q1 2022
Live Webinar May 31 st at 15hrs (3pm) CEST.
Learn from Tribe47 experts who just in single 2021 consulted over 30 businesses to help them scale.